How to start exporting to Africa?

Joining efforts is the only mechanism that guarantees stable and systematic work in Africa in the conditions of global competition

New opportunities

Every minute a lot of transformations are happening in the world, which change the world picture we are familiar with. The business tools that have produced tangible results for the last 10 to 20 years do not work so effectively anymore
We propose a new approach that will ensure the dominance of Ukrainian producers and goods in the markets of African countries and will make it possible to increase exports from the current $4 billion to $12 billion in the short term


Organization of a reliable platform for the sale of Ukrainian goods and services with minimal risk and investments


Building stable and long-term relationships between Ukrainian and African businesses


Penetration of Ukrainian companies into the global and local business processes of African countries in all spheres of activity


Securing Ukraine's position as a systemic, reliable and open partner for joint business development

Project model

Our project is based on a simple and lightweight structure that allows you to make any changes with the whole system as quickly as possible
The system's flexibility and prompt response to market challenges are yin and yang of the G.U.D.I.T. project
The project can be scaled both horizontally, by increasing the number of retail outlets and the number of countries implementing the project, and vertically, by making it possible to build vertically integrated systems, from the local packaging and packing of goods, to the small- and large-scale processing or production within Africa

Project phases

1. Logistics and warehousing

Launch of a trading platform for the import of goods

2. Wholesale and retail

Creation of our own distribution network in Tanzania

3. Processing

Organization of the local processing, packaging and packing of goods

4. Production

Integration of Ukrainian business into production projects in the region

5. Expansion

Launch of the project in other African countries

  • 1

    Submission of the application. Choice of goods

    Signing the contract for participation in the project. Joint determination of items for export

  • 2

    Registration of product certificates

    Obtaining TFDA and TBS certificates and product import permits. Adaptation of packing and labeling in accordance with the current legislation of Tanzania (if necessary)

  • 3

    Sales of goods in Tanzania

    Promotion and popularization of the Partner's products in Tanzania, as well as neighboring countries covered by the Dar es Salaam service region

  • 4

    Gaining footholds in the market

    Systematic increase in sales volumes and expansion of the Partner's assortment portfolio in the market

Benefits of cooperation

Your responsibility is to produce high-quality and competitive goods. We will do all the rest
  • Export to Africa for small- and medium-sized businesses with minimal investment and risk
  • Direct access to the end consumer in the African market, without intermediaries
  • The opportunity to supply small quantities of goods to study the demand and needs of buyers
  • We take care of the entire selling process and foreign trade
  • You export from your office in Ukraine, remotely monitoring all processes
  • You get an increase in sales volumes of your assortment of goods, an increase in the profitability and capitalization of your business

How to participate in the project?

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